Three Rivers Ringers is pleased to recognize all donors who have contributed to us in the last 12 months. Thank you for making Three Rivers Ringers possible!

Individual Donors
Anonymous (9)
Jane Adamson
Betty Lou Albright
Yvonne Amos
Deb Artim
Louanne Baily
Russ & Gloria Barber
Tim Barton
Bishop George & Carolyn Bashore
Dave & Barb Berkeybile
Sandy Bizon
Linda Boice
Dianne Buirge
Dr. Gary Toth & Dr. Debra Carberry
A. Carney
Pamela Carney
The Claudy Family
Rhonda Cook
Karen Cooper
Carolyn Covelli
Bjorn & Beth Dakin
Liz DiPietro
Cynthia Donahoe
Lorraine Dyer
Anne & Michael Ehrenberger
Julie Emanuel
Cathy Fabry
Frank & Lisa Falcione
Judith & Donald Feigert
Holly Ferkett
Pam Ferkett
Dan Fernandez
Bonnie Finks
Nancy Foltz
Carole Fruehstorfer
Clifford Funk
Lynn Getty
Bill & Shelby Gracey
Ralph & Janice Gronlund
Lorraine Gross
Chuck & Karen Hanks
Diane Harrell
Lane & Donna Harrison
Walt & Lynn Heintzleman
Clif* & Rosemary Highman
Norma Jean Hill
Sarah Hoffman
Lane & Donna Harrison
Audrey Hormel
Cathy Hubbard
Colette M. Hucko
Paul & Kathy Jacobs
Pat Kaczmarek
Carol Karl
Valerie Kennedy
William & Nancy Kennedy
Janice King
Warren Kinneer
Jane Knothe
David & Rise Kostilnik
Thelma Kranyak
Dan and Phyllis Laporte
Lynne Lightfoot
Mary Lucas
Jim & Nancy Lutz
David Lynch
The Lynch Family
Mary Jo Magoc
Alice & Ed Marotta
Dolores Matejko
Charles McChesney
Bernice McCort
Ronald McKenzie
Dr. Donald & Beth Mercer
Sara Mercer
Bill & Bernice Merchant
Daniel & Beth Merry
Caryl Miller
Jeffrey Miller & David McDougal
Judith Miller & David Reed
Linda D. Minnotte
Sam & Patty Mitchell
David & Elizabeth Molter
Gerri Momberger
Nancy Morrison
Liz and Jim Murphy
Donna Murrman
Jeff & Bethany Myers
Robert A. Nerone D.M.D, M.A.G.D.
Phyllis Neszpaul
Terry Olcsan
Bruce & Christie O’Neill
Mary & Michael Paine
Amy Parker
Aubrie Pecore
Janice Peischl
Miriam Perriello
Peters Family
Gregg and Sharon Platt
Barb Potenziani
Karen L. Prescott
Dick & Dottie Robinson
Alice Roesmer
Carol Ann Romaine
Stephen Russell
Linda Schaeffer
Jean Sontag
Dara Sterling
Steven Stockton
Ed Stokan Family
Margaret Stouffer
Dolores B. Sulick
Nancy A. Swanson
Susan Talbott
Dolores Thomas
Floyd & Dorothy Thomas
Janet Thomas
Karen Tomko
Jan & Doug Toth
Janice Walsh
Cheri & Lori Werner
Charles* & Marcia West
Donald Whitlinger
Ann Winkelstein
Terrance Yarlett
Ralph Yearick
Sandie Yost
Kathy Zappa


Corporate Sponsors
LDM Sports & Embroidery
Rollier’s Hardware Store

In Kind Support
Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church, Rehearsal Space & Equipment
Bower Hill Community Church, Performance Space
Center Presbyterian Church, Performance Space
Central Highlands Community United Methodist Church, Performance Space
First Presbyterian Church, 1793, Performance Space
Park Hill First Church of God, Performance Space
Perry Highway Lutheran Church, Performance Space
St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Performance Space
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Promotional Partner
David Bachman, Photography
Amy Bickerton, Program & Promotional Design
Trish Imbrogno, Photography
Allison Jones, Logo & Web Design
Victoria Long, Photography

Three Rivers Ringers Board of Directors
Linda Minnotte, President
Mary Paine, Vice President
Beth Dakin, Secretary
Alison Peters, Treasurer
Deb Artim
Dan Fernandez
Sara Mercer

Nancy Lutz, Artistic Director

If you would like to donate to the Three Rivers Ringers, or are interested in becoming involved in the organization, please contact our Managing Director (, 412.229.RING)

Listing updated 11.16.2018. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy; however, if we have not listed you correctly, please contact our Managing Director.  THANK YOU!

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